Limitless Resource

Providing resources for families & communities affected by the deadliest police culture in the modern world

What We Do

Limitless Resource is a nonprofit founded by National Civil Rights Attorney Lee Merritt. We provide families affected by police brutality and racial violence with tools to help them function overtime, strengthening their emotional well-being and financial wellness, empowering their communities, and inciting public advocacy.

Our Initiatives

Emotional Health

We provide a program that supports our families emotional wellbeing and empowers them toward a state of mental and emotional wellness.

  • Conducting an initial Mental Health Assessment
  • Covering care for a 2-year period (through support of social workers/therapists/support groups/psychiatrists)​
  • Hosting Restorative Retreats
  • Providing mental health and wellness resources to the family’s respective community​
Happy School Children Playing Tug Of War With Rope In Park
  • Spending habits
  • Tax filing
  • Opening a non-profit/business
  • Fundraising

Financial Resources

We host a program that transforms families from financial insecure to financial empowered.


We build out advocacy campaigns to mobilize the public and fuel public support for our families and their cases.

  • Supporting families in their existing advocacy/legacy building initiatives
  • Structuring family-founded start-ups or non-profit
  • Driving digital campaigns to increase case awareness and motivate public action
  • Integrating organizations, businesses, and public figures into campaigns
  • Creating seamless public action tools for demanding justice
  • Supporting families in their existing advocacy/legacy building initiatives
Young couple discussing with a financial adviser
  • Hosting mentorship programs
  • Hosting events such as toy drives and coat drives
  • Developing partnerships with local organizations
  • Attending speeches and panels with local organizations and schools

Community Resources

We provide resources and education to communities affected by police brutality and racial violence to promote a culture of inclusion, mental and emotional wellness, and justice.

Some Of The Families We Are Assisting


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